Blogcast Episode 1

Cheers, Salmon cake! Blogging to you from Bath County, Maine. It’s your host Shock Fockerman! I am here alongside my editor Jake Tittleman  (JT) who will be managing this site. I am excited to be hosting this wonderful blogcast where some of my friends will be guest writing, and sometimes we will have some random guest writers who swing by as we have an open door policy. Speaking of that policy..looks like someone just stepped on in. Maybe he is a local that was reading our articles in the local paper? Can we have your name my inked man with aviator shades and short, tight, skinny cut off jean shorts? You are our first blogger, or maybe bloggey? We will have JT look that one up… You said Drake Farren!? Take it away Drake!– Shock Fockerman
Hey, thanks Shock. Whatssup everyone, it’s Drake..but my friends call me Dizzy D. Just a few hours ago I got a tattoo on my right shoulder blade. It’s a sweet dig of the skyline of my hometown Portland, Oregon. Sorry to get you Mainers excited there for a sec, heh. It’s a pretty tasty tat, though, right next to one of my corgi, Pico. That tiggity tat looks something like this..

being swag

My tassel even said my tats were soo deck next to each other. Hope you guys can see that pic (get it!?) because can’t see much through this cracked Sidekick I’m punchin on. Anyway, sometimes I like singing to Pico. Goes something like, “Peeek. ahhhhhhhaww. Savior of the Universe!!.” That is why I got a tattoo of the universe right next to him, and just above my back bracelet. It is like those leather bracelets, but for your back. Pretty sweet piece.

Soo..uhh anyway just visiting my college freaks for a couple’a. I was thinking about maybe going out tonight and crushing it hard in the club..wonder if this Portland has any sweet place to bust a Moby. Any place that would play “we didn’t start the fire” techno remix would be deck. Wonder if my man Shock would know of a dive like that. He doesn’t seem very in the know though, yah know. Anyway, the lakes here are pretty legit, but wicked ice. Fixing to mix it up with some of my brohams from back in the deezy in Casco Bay boiii. They want to hit up Allagash brewery, but word on the clothesline is that it’s pretty basic. Well gunna go catch some brewskis with the broskis. Totes out, Shock, thanks for having me on the blogcast! — Dizzy D

Well, that was an interesting piece I guess? That will do it for our first blogcast! Maybe next time we can actually have a little back and forth. But you know, when a “bro” just sits down with a “piece” and hooks it into the blogcast, and then babbles on without caring about the host sitting next to him…you know. Anyway, thanks for reading…keep it breezy! — Shock Fockerman


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